Our Expertise

We are seeing PFIs now reach the end of their concession period and the parties reviewing the future of the underlying asset.

This may involve handback to the authority or a new arrangement with the provider where no such transfer is envisaged.

We can offer our consultancy services involving a comprehensive review of PFI contracts and setting out recommendations that can inform discussions with the PFI provider.

We can also offer handover services such as condition surveys, audit of FM services and more.

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How we can help

Our service includes:

  • Full contract audit of the PFI provider obligations.
  • Preparation of project handover plan.
  • Advice on options to pay the PFI residual value at expiry (if applicable).
  • Condition surveys to inform lifecycle maintenance obligations.

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“From strategy advice through to implementation, our services deliver the most efficient outcomes.”

Javid Patel
Director, Group Business Lead of Public Sector

What is PFI?

PFI is a way to fund public sector projects through private companies. It works by having the private company meet the initial costs of the project, instead of HM Government, local authority, or other public sector body. The private company then leases the project to the public sector body, which pays annual payments to the private company. PFI contracts can last over 25 years or more.

Typical contracts are for:

  • Civic offices
  • Leisure centres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Health centres

How the private sector benefits: The private sector provides and is paid for services during the period of the contract by the public sector.

How the public sector benefits: The government does not have to lay out a large sum of money at once to fund a large project, so can pay for essential projects over many years

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Our Experience

For over 175 years, we have placed our clients at the forefront of everything we do.

Operating nationally from offices throughout the UK, we take the time to understand our clients’ objectives and deliver effective advice.

Our strategic consultancy team has been involved in PFI handovers and terminations and will bring insightful knowledge on best practices.

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Case Studies

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