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Valuing a business

Our business valuers are part of Ernest Wilson, the UK’s leading group of business transfer agents and company valuation specialists. Founded in 1956, we are uniquely positioned to value a business to support corporate transactions, financial reporting, probate, tax, and insurance decisions.

Our breadth of experience in company valuations, and knowledge of business valuation methodologies and mitigating factors, such as market trends and economic conditions, is unparalleled. Over 60 years, we have built a rich knowledge base and bank of comparable sales data from which our expert valuers can draw to value a business.

A business valuation is an essential tool to calculate how much a business is worth. Business valuations are multi-purpose and can serve the business owner in their next endeavour, whether this may be to expand a company, attract investors or sell a business.

The market value of a business is a key navigator in corporate transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts and business sales, as it measures year-on-year growth and how much the business could realistically sell for in current market conditions.

The contents of a business valuation can help plan a retirement sale, support a loan application, feed into financial reporting, and indicate the level of insurance protection required for a business. A business valuation is also a valuable tool in a dispute, such as a partnership split or divorce proceedings as it can signpost what steps must be taken to secure the future of the business, such as share disposal.

Business valuation techniques range from an assessment of business assets, the company balance sheet, cash flow projections, industry rules of thumb and the cost to establish a similar business and nurture it to the same level. The method may vary based on the industry, the size of the business and turnover.

Our RICS registered valuers are well acquainted with different valuation methods and are trusted by thousands of business owners, lenders, and investors across the UK to expertly conduct business valuations. Our valuation experience spans numerous sectors, such as retail, hospitality, and entertainment, to healthcare, education, and professional services.

Our valuation experts also offer loan security valuations, asset valuations and property valuations.

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We performed over 2,500 valuations last year.

Our capability

Our valuation services include:

Loan Security Valuations

Our independent, in-depth reports provide banks, building societies and specialist lenders with comprehensive analyses of property, business and asset market values offered as loan security.

Property Valuations

Our property valuation reports provide businesses, investors and lenders with a market valuation of commercial property as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Asset Valuations

Our independent asset valuation reports provide businesses, lenders and insolvency administrators with a market valuation of assets as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Business Valuations

Our independent business valuations reports provide businesses lenders and investors with a market valuation of a business as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also for the purposes of financial reporting, insurance, tax and probate, and corporate transactions.

“Understanding the true value of your investments is critical in decision making. Valuing over £2bn of assets last year, our experienced and knowledgeable team are at the top of their profession.”

Anthony Spencer

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Valuation of popular restaurant chain

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Valuation of investments including business parks

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Did you know?


We valued over £2bn of assets last year.

Business Valuations

"When making commercial and financial decisions, knowing the true value of an asset is of critical importance"

Anthony Spencer

Managing Partner

As one of the most respected providers of valuation services, we provide valuation reports on property, businesses and assets. Our clients, including all the major banks, trust us to provide the highest quality advice and a timely response.