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Valuing a property

Our property valuations for businesses, lenders and insolvency professionals are available as a standalone service and as an additional offering to support corporate transactions.

Our RICS registered valuers conduct comprehensive property valuations in line with professional standards. Our highly qualified valuers are experienced in a range of valuation techniques to calculate the market value of residential property, and commercial property of all classifications and sectors, including office, retail, industrial, leisure and healthcare.

As a leading property agency and trusted valuation expert, we have built a rich bank of valuation data on similar sales from which our experienced valuers can draw on. The sales comparison approach is a popular valuation method as it accurately reflects the market value of property in today’s economic climate.

Our property valuation experts take pride in their knowledge of local marketplaces as they can actively track how additional factors, such as market availability, competition and trends can mitigate the market value of commercial, rural, and residential property.

The purpose of a property valuation is to determine the true market value of a property. Valuations are essential to corporate transactions and must be performed by qualified professionals to guarantee accuracy and mitigate risk. A reputable provider can share unique insights to maximise value and guide you with complete confidence.

A property valuation will produce a different outcome for all parties; for a property owner, it will indicate a suitable sale price ahead of a planned sale; for an insolvency practitioner, it will assist company restructuring efforts; for a lender, it will determine mortgage eligibility or the value of loan security; for an insurance provider, it will indicate the level of cover required.

Our property valuation services are widely accessible as we have a local team of property valuers across multiple locations in the UK. Our valuation experts also offer comprehensive business valuations, asset valuations and loan security valuations.

As an extension to our property valuation service, we also sell commercial property through our online marketplace which is popular with individuals, businesses, and investors on the lookout to buy, sell and lease property. As a fully-fledged commercial property agency, our services extend to property auctions, property management and consultancy.

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We performed over 2,500 valuations last year.

Our Capability

Our valuation services include:

Loan Security Valuations

Our independent, in-depth reports provide banks, building societies and specialist lenders with comprehensive analyses of property, business and asset market values offered as loan security.

Property Valuations

Our property valuation reports provide businesses, investors and lenders with a market valuation of commercial property as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Asset Valuations

Our independent asset valuation reports provide businesses, lenders and insolvency administrators with a market valuation of assets as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Business Valuations

Our independent business valuations reports provide businesses lenders and investors with a market valuation of a business as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also for the purposes of financial reporting, insurance, tax and probate, and corporate transactions.

“Understanding the true value of your investments is critical in decision making. Valuing over £2bn of assets last year, our experienced and knowledgeable team are at the top of their profession.”

Anthony Spencer

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Valuation of popular restaurant chain

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Valuation of investments including business parks

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