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Do You Need To Sell Your Crane?

Eddisons makes selling your crane quick, simple and effective.

We specialise in selling all types or cranes, machinery and other industrial equipment on behalf of our industrial clients.

Selling Your Crane

Many of our clients find that they need to sell their cranes or other pieces of industrial equipment as a result of an upgrade, relocation or adjustment of their business direction. Simply scrapping the equipment would be both wasteful and represent a negative return on their investment. However selling your used crane yourself can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. 

As a result many used cranes that are actually for sale end up lying disused, taking up valuable storage space whilst depreciating in value.

Eddisons can take the hassle out of selling your crane, and liquidating any other business assets, to release the valuable revenue that is locked up in surplus cranes and other industrial equipment.

Selling your crane through Eddisions is quick, simple and effective. As one of the UK’s leading machinery and business asset auction houses, we have a network of over 65,000 active commercial buyers and our own dedicated online auction site along with physical auctions held in Leeds, Manchester and London.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industrial sector means that we are able to effectively find suitable buyers for all types and models of cranes including; loader cranes, mobile cranes, floating cranes and tower cranes. Made by the likes of Coles Cranes, Effer, Terex, Valla and Atlas.

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