Woodworking machinery equipment

Eddisons value and sell used woodworking machinery equipment for commercial businesses and multinational corporations.

If your business or factory is relocating or you are upgrading or downsizing your plant, we can help you sell your existing woodworking machinery or acquire new woodworking machinery.

Our woodworking machinery is either being auctioned because a business is not trading anymore or the machinery is just no longer required, allowing you to purchase quality used woodworking equipment at a fantastic price.

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popular brands of woodworking equipment

As one of the UK’s largest woodworking machinery auctioneers, we always have a large selection of auction items on hand including popular manufacturer brands of woodworking machinery.

Examples of woodworking machinery, equipment and tooling included:

  • Spindle Moulders
  • Planer Thicknessers
  • Bandsaws, Mitre Saws and Panel Saws
  • Cross Cut Saws
  • Drilling machines, Boring Machines
  • Edgebanders, Sanders, Routers
  • Dust Extraction Systems and Units
  • Timber Products and Timber Stock
  • Wood Burning Boilers
  • Air Compressors
  • Spray Booths

Why Choose Eddisons used woodworking machinery auctions?

Eddisons are one of the UK’s largest specialist auctioneers. The team have a wide knowledge of all types of woodworking equipment along with decades of auction experience. Woodworking auctions are held on a regular basis and the team work closely with companies throughout the UK and internationally. Our auction experts are at hand to help you with any information, help or support you may need.

Looking to sell woodworking machinery at auction?

If you are having difficulty selling your woodworking machinery or just want a quick hassle-free sale then look no further than Eddisons auctions. We have the expertise, experience, and contacts to ensure you are reaching genuine buyers and are getting a competitive price for your equipment. Our process is straightforward, transparent & cost effective.

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Case Studies

Sale of Industrial Machinery for US Manufacturer

Case study

Sale of Industrial Machinery for US Manufacturer

Asset Sale and Demolition for Arla Dairies

Case study

Asset Sale and Demolition for Arla Dairies

Sale of Industrial Assets for Spanish Steel Maker

Case study

Sale of Industrial Assets for Spanish Steel Maker

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