Everything you need to know about deep cleaning

COVID-19 has meant that it’s essential that every workplace has effective measures in place to protect people. Every employer will now need to ensure employees are safe and healthy by using infectious disease controls.

We know the way we respond to this crisis is paramount, and that we need to work at speed using all our knowledge, expertise and determination. This will be key to our success in dealing with the virus.

Many companies, products and new technologies are seeking to eliminate areas of risk, so it’s important to understand which method deliver fast,

  • effective results
  • protect our environment
  • are efficient and safe

Here, we take a look at a number of methods.

DEC involves using electrostatic spray surface cleaning. This is now being supplied by many cleaning companies to healthcare facilities, schools, academies, researching institutes and labs. The highly effective method removes infectious diseases and contamination from areas that require specialist sanitation

The process involves spraying an electronically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. The positively charged particles then naturally coat contaminated areas. Hard to reach areas and objects can be covered and once sprayed, the sanitizing agent disinfects surfaces for up to 72 hours protection, eliminating the dangers of overusing. DEC equipment is easily transported and manoeuvrable and has a 70% faster delivery time than traditional methods. This means a faster and more secure response.

Fogging is an older technology which involves using a machine that disperses a “fog” of microscopic droplets of chemicals. It’s reasonably effective, but less reliable than DEC as it doesn’t cover everything in the same way as electrostatic

Disinfecting involves literally wiping down surfaces manually with bleach / disinfectant and a cloth, which is limited in its effectiveness. Many areas are not affected, including all fabrics.

Whichever method is chosen, it is vital that as many surfaces and materials are targeted to help eliminate the risk of the coronavirus.

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Written by: Jenny Fram on Friday 27/03/2020

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