Business Rates – Are You Getting a Fair Deal? (Infographic)


Earlier this year, we published a news article criticising the Government’s decision to postpone the next business rates revaluation from 2015 until 2017.

Our Rating Director Rod Edwards described the Government’s decision as ‘a badly thought out move, which will prevent any hope of rateable value realignment which ratepayers so desperately need’.

At the moment rates are based on rents in 2008, when the market was at its peak. The delay means that business rates liabilities will continue to increase in line with RPI through until the 2016/2017 rate year. Property occupiers are having to pay rates that in no way reflect their circumstances or the current value of the property

To illustrate this, we’ve broken down the issue into an easy-to-digest infographic that asks: are you getting a fair deal on business rates?


Written by: Richard Roe on Tuesday 17/09/2013

Business Rates – Are You Getting a Fair Deal? – An infographic by Eddisons



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