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Pugh and Co

Pugh & Co

Our first auctions acquisition, Pugh and Co joined Eddisons in 2016 as one of the UK’s leading online property auctioneers.

In 2023, Eddisons combined Pugh & Co and Mark Jenkinson’s auction listings to create the largest set of lots in the country, giving us a huge geographic reach and unrivalled insight into the market. Pugh & Co’s winning combination of market share and local knowledge has made them a household name, and under Eddisons’ brand, they are free to expand their horizons even further.

pugh and co

Our auction services

Pugh & Co have been running monthly property auctions since 1991, selling land, commercial buildings and residential properties for multinational property organisations and public bodies alike.

Trusted by sellers since 1991, Pugh Auctions have built valuable relationships with some of the UK’s largest property organisations and public bodies. Whether it’s selling or buying land, commercial property or residential housing, we offer the flexibility to adapt to every client’s individual needs.

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