As the property industry shakes off its male-dominated image, Eddisons is constantly working to increase diversity among our workforce and strives to encourage more women to join our team.

Head of our marketing team, Beth Hailey, sat down with two of our female employees to talk about life at Eddisons and ask them their view on the progress made by the industry.













Left: Megan Roe, Senior Surveyor

Right: Catherine Chapman, Placement Surveyor

1. Why did you want a career in Property?

Megan: I’ve always had an interest in property from a young age. Growing up with both parents in the property industry I had a close insight in to the day to day dealings of the profession. The diverse nature of the job with no day being the same particularly appealed to me. I always knew I wouldn’t suit a career that required me to sit behind a desk full time – property offered me the balance of being on site, networking with clients/other professionals and an office environment.

Catherine: The property industry is constantly growing and evolving. I wanted a career in this industry because there is always innovation from inspiring individuals, and I am intrigued to see the opportunities that arise from this.

2. What attracted you to Eddisons as a business?

M: The range of experience the firm can provide – I have been given opportunities in all departments I have showed an interest in enabling me to make an informed decision of the area I wanted to pursue my career in.

C: Eddisons is persistently expanding and having acquired numerous other firms, the company clearly prides itself on its variation and innovation. Eddisons’ ability to adapt to increase productivity is inspiring and their ambition to diversify their employees stands out to me.

3. How would you describe your work-life balance?

M: Good. As with any job the workload can be extensive and I have definitely had some late nights sat at my desk! However Eddisons frequently organise networking events which has enabled me to develop better working relationships. I’ve started to master the balance of late night working and seeing friends/family through the week.

C: The company has allowed me to have a high-quality work-life balance due to the flexibility regarding working from home. This will be an important aspect of work for women going forward as it will enable them to maintain and progress their careers and manage childcare etc.

4. Do you feel the Industry actively promotes diversity and equality?

M: Not entirely. There has been evident progression over the past few years albeit there is still a clear stereotype in the industry.

C: Yes, there are several aspects (League of Ladies, Women in Property etc) that promote equality however I still think more awareness could be made about different roles within the property industry to inspire women of younger ages.

5. Within the property industry, do you think there are enough women at senior / board level positions?

M: From my experience of the industry I would say no albeit I do believe that this is something that is down to merit regardless of gender. More could be done at the bottom line to introduce women to the industry and subsequently assist them with equal opportunity and career progression.

C:  No, I think more women should be encouraged to progress their career and carry out their APC.

6. What are you most proud of?

M: Passing the APC. The process is lengthy and extremely hard work. Getting your chartership at the end of the two years structured training makes it all worthwhile.

7. What has been your biggest challenge within your role?

C: My biggest challenge has been learning and adapting to new tasks, especially since I have moved into a different team. Individuals within the firm helped this process run smoothly by creating a comfortable environment in which I can ask for help and work through things clearly and methodically.

8. What piece of advice would you give to a young woman just starting out in your profession?

M: Believe in yourself and strive to be the hardest worker in the room. The profession is largely built on relationships so I would advise attending as many events as you can and developing relationships as soon as possible. Property is undoubtedly a male dominated industry but this shouldn’t hold you back. Hard work always pays off in the end!

C: I try to push myself to take on as many opportunities as possible and attend plenty of networking events and I would encourage other young women to do so also.

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