Valuations for the Leisure Sector

Our Expertise

Our experts specialise in helping leisure and hotel businesses, investors and financial institutions make informed decisions. In a complex changing market, we’re here to help you appreciate the true value of your property, business and assets.

The leisure sector is highly cyclical and accounts for over 20% of consumer spending. Amid overall market uncertainty, valuations are required for a variety of commercial purposes. Whether you are acquiring a pub or bar, agreeing finance for a hotel, or looking to understand the insurance value of a sports facility, we have a comprehensive understanding of the leisure sector.

Our valuation expertise covers all leisure organisations and includes:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, pubs, bars, inns
  • Cinemas, theatres, nightclubs,
  • Bingo halls, bowling alleys, gaming
  • Health and fitness clubs
  • Golf courses and driving ranges
  • Sports grounds and equestrian facilities
  • Visitor and tourist attractions
  • Marinas, caravan and holiday parks

While the leisure sector continues to expand, changing consumer habits and cost pressures challenge established business models. Having a valuation report that you can depend on is therefore crucial, especially when making long term financial decisions. We’re able to understand, think and react quickly to the needs of our clients.

Our clients, including small and large leisure related businesses across the UK, trust us to provide the best advice and deliver real value.

Did you know?


We performed over 2,500 valuations last year.

Our capability

Our valuation services include:

Loan Security Valuations

Our independent, in-depth reports provide banks, building societies and specialist lenders with comprehensive analyses of property, business and asset market values offered as loan security.

Property Valuations

Our property valuation reports provide businesses, investors and lenders with a market valuation of commercial property as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Asset Valuations

Our independent asset valuation reports provide businesses, lenders and insolvency administrators with a market valuation of assets as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Business Valuations

Our independent business valuations reports provide businesses lenders and investors with a market valuation of a business as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also for the purposes of financial reporting, insurance, tax and probate, and corporate transactions.

“Understanding the true value of your investments is critical in decision making. Valuing over £2bn of assets last year, our experienced and knowledgeable team are at the top of their profession.”

Anthony Spencer

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Did you know?


We valued over £2bn of assets last year.

Valuations for the Leisure Sector

"When making commercial and financial decisions, knowing the true value of an asset is of critical importance"

Anthony Spencer

Managing Partner

As one of the most respected providers of valuation services, we provide valuation reports on property, businesses and assets. Our clients, including all the major banks, trust us to provide the highest quality advice and a timely response.