Lease Advisory

Our Expertise

Across the UK we have over 100 Chartered Surveyors, who advise commercial property landlords and tenants on all aspects of the lease cycle.

In negotiating, renewing or exiting a lease we have a range of experts across the country who can assist. Through the depth of experience within our team we are able to advise on the most complex of scenarios. Our comprehensive service guides clients not just in reference to the lease concerned but on wider considerations such as dilapidations and condition surveys.

Our team have a fantastic record of delivering creative and cost effective solutions including lease surrenders or sub-letting. We also act on a wide range of arbitration and expert witness cases employing with our staff recognised as market leaders within their specialist field.

Our clients range from large public sector organisations to commercial property investors and individual lease holders. From this experience and our specialist knowledge we are ideally placed to help you make informed lease decisions.

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Our largest lease advisory client instructs us on over £3bn property

Our Capability

Our Lease advisory services include:

Lease Renewals

Our market knowledge and expertise means that we can give our clients the best advice with Lease Renewals.

Lease renewals which are governed by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 are a particularly complex area of valuation and one where we have substantial experience.

An awareness of the processes of the Act is absolutely essential, whether acting for landlord or tenant.  There is the opportunity for both parties to alter the terms of the lease and the rent, which may increase or decrease from the passing level.

Whilst the landlord has an obligation under the Act to offer a new lease, the tenant has no obligation to remain in occupation.  This can polarise negotiating positions, especially in the current market and we can assist in guiding our clients through the process.

We provide advice from the outset of the renewal, well in advance of the expiry date, on the timing and strategy of the service of a Notice under s25 or s26 of the Act.  We work closely with our client’s solicitors to ensure that the procedure of the Act works to our client’s advantage.

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Lease Exit

If you want to get out of a lease early there may be a break clause option within your lease that you are able to exercise.

The exercising of a break option must be done in line with the exact terms of the lease as failing to do so  could invalidate your lease exit.

Where a break option is not provided Eddisons can act on your behalf in commercial negotiations with the landlord in respect of a surrender.

Lease Surrenders

If you want to exit your lease but no break clause can be exercised, Eddisons can act on your behalf in commercial discussions with your landlord.

Depending on rental values or development plans some landlords may welcome the opportunity to take back the lease.

In most cases however early surrender involves the payment of a premium to the landlord. Our market knowledge ensures that you obtain the most favorable terms.

Lease Assignment and Sub Letting

If the landlord is unwilling to agree a surrender on commercial terms, a third party may be seeking the space that you are looking to vacate.

Eddisons can assist you in finding a suitable sub-tenant, and ensure that existing lease provisions are adhered to.

Where a sub-tenant is found who is willing to take on the existing lease the landlord may be willing to agree an assignment of the existing lease.

Lease holders must carefully consider all aspects of any sub-lease and Eddisons can ensure that you fully protect your interests.


Rent Review

Many leases have a rent review mechanism that allows the landlord to adjust the rent. This may be upwards or downwards, or upwards only.

From our wide ranging valuation and market knowledge we can help you protect your interests and secure the most advantageous terms.

In the event of a rent review dispute we can guide you through the resolutions via professional arbitration or expert determination.


Arbitration and Expert Witness

Where a dispute in relation to a lease event arises we can help parties resolve the dispute

Leases usually provide for rent reviews to be referred to the President of the RICS who will appoint an Arbitrator. Our experts have acted as Arbitrator in a range of complex cases and have a market leading reputation.

Less common is Expert Determination where the views of an independent expert are obtained in reference to a dispute. Again would team have the knowledge and experience to provide an objective judgement.


“Our market leading lease advisory team support landlords and tenants in making informed strategic decisions that maximize the commercial opportunities”

Javid Patel

Our Work

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Eddisons appointed as Lease Events Partner to NHS Property Services

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Eddisons appointed as Lease Events Partner to NHS Property Services

Rent Review and Arbitration for landlord in Central London

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Rent Review and Arbitration for landlord in Central London

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Rent Review Advice for International Marketing Firm

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Did you know?


Our largest lease advisory client instructs us on over £3bn property

Lease Advisory

"We support landlords and tenants in making informed strategic decisions that maximise commercial opportunities"

Javid Patel


Through our depth of experience across the UK, we can advise you on rent reviews, lease negotiations, lease renewals and exits, as well as in more specialist areas such as expert witness, arbitration and dilapidations.