RemoteZone services for University of Oxford Cricket Pavilion

Following two attempted arson attacks on this historic building in late 2015, our RemoteZone system was put in place to protect the building and surrounding grounds, using a combination of internal PIRs and internal smoke detectors, and external PIRs and external camera PIRs.

Original building and additional buildings located to the right-hand side of the pavilion.

After online conversations and an on-site consultation with the security and estates departments at the university, the system was installed and went live on 7 December 2015. The university’s 24/7 security services were located nearby and therefore able to respond promptly to alarm activations. Apart from a couple of false activations (see still image from the camera PIR below), the site was protected from any further arson attacks until a permanent alarm system was installed and commissioned in early March 2016.

Footage from the camera PIR covering the front of the pavilion steps at night clearly showing the security guard carrying out a patrol. This was done to test the system and the quality of the recorded images.

Lyndie Hayes, the Chartered Insurance Risk Manager at the university, contacted Frank Langman, Associate Director RemoteZone, soon after the system was removed to confirm the success of the project. She commented: “I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with this matter. We have been very pleased with your service and I will be in touch again when we have another property at risk.”

Frank Langman explains the RemoteZone system and how this has helped our clients protect their assets and satisfy their insurers that they have been proactive about security by putting in place this cost-effective, temporary solution for vacant or vulnerable properties.

The insurance market continues to be nervous about exposure to claims relating to vacant properties. In many cases, insurers will increase premiums to cover theft and malicious damage and will also impose specific requirements in terms of physical security and ongoing property inspections, which can be costly, yet ineffective. Eddisons has worked closely with the insurance and security industries to provide a robust solution and RemoteZone has now received accreditation from the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board, (SSAIB), achieving enhanced status, and is authorised by a number of insurers.

In summary, RemoteZone is a temporary monitored alarm system designed around the specific needs of each individual property. This can include protection of both internal and external areas (for example, lead roofs or external air conditioning equipment) as well as advance warning of fire or flood.

When the alarm system is activated, an NSI Gold Alarm receiving centre (ARC) will manage the call and alert an SIA-approved mobile patrol response provider who will dispatch a patrol vehicle which will typically be on site within 20 minutes of receiving notification of the activation. As keyholders, once on site, they carry out a thorough external and internal search of the premises, taking the appropriate action, and requesting police backup if required. In the event of damage being caused to the property, they will remain on site until it is made secure. The patrol officer produces a report, with photographs if relevant, so clients are fully informed about any incidents at their properties.

The costs are a fraction of other alternatives, such as manned guarding, or periodic property patrols and provide complete flexibility with no minimum contract periods. The system can typically be installed within 24 hours of instruction and because the system is rented rather than purchased, it enables clients to budget their costs. Flexible contract terms ensure that clients only pay for protection as and when required.

Darren Seward of Royal & Sun Alliance commented: “Like most insurers, we have been hit with a number of significant claims where properties have been internally stripped. Following a technical audit, we are happy to recommend the use of RemoteZone to our clients.”

Inside the pavilion, showing the wood panelled room with the names of all players from every team dating back to when the pavilion was built.

Through our understanding of the insurance market and the quality of our advice, we ensure that you obtain the most appropriate cover to safeguard your property investments.”

Nick Towns
Partner, Insurance Services