RemoteZone services for Hadlow Tower


Hadlow Tower is a rare, fully restored, Grade 1 listed, early 19th century Gothic tower mentioned in the Domesday Book. The property further benefits from having outside amenity space. Situated on the outskirts of Hadlow village in Kent, it is remote from the village. An active campaign to restore the building was undertaken to preserve its “historical, architectural and constructional heritage” and restoration was completed in 2013.

A considerable amount of effort, fundraising and commitment by the community and others has gone into this preservation and it became necessary to ensure that the buildings and site are protected from vandalism. To add to the complexity of the security measures that needed to be put in place, a local history society provides guided tours for the public every week throughout the peak holiday season. RemoteZone was tasked, therefore, with providing security arrangements for the site that would also allow access for tour guides and visitors.


In order to fulfil both strands of the security programme that would be required, RemoteZone carried out various tasks. There was an initial survey to assess what would be needed to ensure that security measures would be compliant with the insurer’s policy, as well as assessing what physical security measures should be installed. An SSAIB approved temporary monitored alarm using an SIA-approved 24-hour alarm response service was provided. The SIA-approved local key holders carry out property inspections every two weeks and continue to provide this service.


RemoteZone took over security late in 2015. To date, Hadlow Tower has remained secure and free from vandalism and illegal visitors, a solution was found to enable the local historian group to continue its tours of the tower.

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Nick Towns
Partner, Insurance Services