Assets Sale for Giles Foods Bakery


Warburton-owned Giles Foods, bread and pastry manufacturer announced the closure of their Milton Keynes plant in 2017. The client needed to dispose of a large bakery facility ahead of a deadline to allow rectification of dilapidations.


Eddisons CJM approach included the sale and disposal of the large, complicated process plant through auction and private treaty.

A huge number of pieces of equipment involved in the manufacture of bread were involved in the sale, together with a wide range of factory plant and equipment. We needed to work to a strict timetable as the property agent had already a date by when the site needed to be clear.


We were able to secure a negotiated sale with the new tenant who agreed to buy the contents of the whole plant.

Instead of going through the auction route, the private treaty sale included the negotiation of the lease and contents of the factory.

The project was completed two weeks before the deadline, which allowed the client to save on dilapidation costs.

“Whether through expert negotiation, technology solutions or the development of our marketing channels, our sole focus is on obtaining the best possible price for our clients.”

Paul Cooper
Director, Machinery & Business Assets