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Modern Blue Tube Concrete Pipe Plant


698.0028SBN- De Vermeulen Groep Blue Tube Hi-Tech Concrete Pipe Plant



Producing pipes up to 1500mm diameter. Capacity up to 150 pipes/8-hour shift.

A fully automated concrete pipe factory designed by Kijlstra BV and Consmema and commissioned in 2015. Manufacturing pipes with self-compacting concrete (‘wet cast’), producing very high-quality product with virtually no variation in size and flat smooth surfaces allowing for easy installation.

Pipes are produced in a ‘carousel’; concrete is injected into moulds which are then stored for about 10 hours for drying. The factory features automatic pipe removal from mould together with crane and conveyor to warehouse.

Benefits of Blue Tube Pipes

  • Self-compacting concrete.
  • Easy cutting and economical – offcuts can be reused.
  • Efficient – no butt, spigot or socket pipes required.
  • Sustainable – light weight with no waste during installation.
  • Effective in use – smooth inside walls for efficient liquid flow.
  • Every pipe can be equipped with ‘house connections’ (125mm and 160mm) and can be strengthened with reinforced steel (standard as of 1250mm diameter).


  • 76 moulds for pipes of different sizes (300 – 1500mm) up to 4 cells per mould giving total of 175 cells (pipes).
  • Capacity up to 150 pipes per 8-hour shift.
  • ‘Staring’ Concrete Pumping Station.
  • 3 Robots for mould cleaning.
  • ‘Bijlsma’ Stacking Crane.
  • 2x Mould Handlers
  • 4x Transportation Platforms.
  • Pipe Conveyor Belt.
  • Pipe Lifting Crane

Also Concrete Mixing Plant Available separately if required.

Guide price: €3.2million ‘as is where is’.

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