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Vacant Property Compliance

As an innovative and forward thinking firm of chartered surveyors, our approach ensures that Eddisons property solutions are effective and deliver value to clients. Vacant Property Compliance is one such solution which encompasses information and advice on a number of requirements for landlords and property managers where commercial premises are left empty.

From the outset, it is critically important for commercial property owners to understand their responsibilities in all aspects of vacant property management. This is something our dedicated and experienced team can assist you with.

Our expertise lies in assessing and managing the risks presented by vacant properties, with a focus on ensuring full compliance with a property’s insurance requirements. We work with hundreds of landlords and property owners – largely in the commercial sector – helping them to remain compliant. In many cases where premises are left vacant for a period of time, keeping these empty buildings safe and secure from intrusion, vandalism and theft is cheaper and easier than dealing with problems after they occur; the old adage of prevention being better than the cure. The prevention element is our expertise; such as managing the effective closure (and potential sale) of a newly vacated property rather than leave it abandoned and a potential target.

Further information is available on two specific areas of our Vacant Property Compliance service:

Site monitoring and clearance
We provide an extensive site monitoring and clearance service which includes the removal of internal and external waste such as combustible materials. We can also provide approved contractor removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos. More information on our site monitoring and clearance services can be viewed here.

Temporary monitored alarms
Our temporary monitored alarms service has the flexibility to protect all internal and external areas of a building whilst simultaneously protecting specific items of plant and equipment located at the premises. Regardless of where you are, your premises are protected 24/7.


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