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Valuing a commercial asset

Our RICS registered valuers are trusted providers of asset valuations for businesses, lenders, and insolvency professionals to support corporate transactions, financial reporting, insurance determinations, and probate reviews.

Our accredited valuers calculate the true market value of assets and provide a comprehensive valuation report that observes professional industry standards. This is governed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Red Book which underpins industry best practices and mandatory rules of conduct to support the delivery of a quality valuation service.

Our asset valuation services extend to all asset classes, including commercial, residential, and rural, and we have notable sector experience that includes retail, industrial, leisure and healthcare. From specialist equipment, entire asset portfolios, to redundant machinery, our valuation service covers all types of commercial assets.

We act for a range of clients, from local authorities and government bodies to private individuals and property companies and we are on a number of recognised lending panels for financial institutions and alternative lenders.

Our valuation service is highly depended upon to guide lending reviews, asset sales and insurance decisions. An assessment of the fair market value of assets is instrumental for key decisions that can shape the future and our pre-sale advice is essential to help protect asset value in corporate transactions, such as asset sales or while in company administration.

As industry veterans in the field of commercial valuations, our valuation methodologies are backed by unique industry insights which make us a staple supplier of asset valuation services to banks, commercial lenders, businesses, and insolvency administrators.

Our asset valuation team are unrivalled in their expertise as each valuation is backed with local knowledge and up-to-date data on similar sales to pinpoint the value of assets in today’s marketplace.

Our valuation experts also offer comprehensive business valuations, property valuations and loan security valuations.

As a multidisciplinary firm of RICS Chartered Surveyors, our services extend to asset sales and asset purchases on a global scale that spans 60 countries. Our online asset marketplace is a commercial hub for individuals, business owners and investors as it populates a vast range of assets for sales such as industrial equipment, plant, and machinery.

Did you know?


We performed over 2,500 valuations last year.

Our Capability

Our valuation services include:

Loan Security Valuations

Our independent, in-depth reports provide banks, building societies and specialist lenders with comprehensive analyses of property, business and asset market values offered as loan security.

Property Valuations

Our property valuation reports provide businesses, investors and lenders with a market valuation of commercial property as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Asset Valuations

Our independent asset valuation reports provide businesses, lenders and insolvency administrators with a market valuation of assets as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also used for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions and probate.

Business Valuations

Our independent business valuations reports provide businesses lenders and investors with a market valuation of a business as part of pre-sale advice. They’re also for the purposes of financial reporting, insurance, tax and probate, and corporate transactions.

“Understanding the true value of your investments is critical in decision making. Valuing over £2bn of assets last year, our experienced and knowledgeable team are at the top of their profession.”

Anthony Spencer

Our Sectors

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Our Work

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Valuation of investments including business parks

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Anthony Spencer

Managing Partner

Edward Hine


Richard Roe

Senior Partner

Matthew Scholey


Mark Critchley


Ian Appleby


David Rose

Associate Director

Ben Wood

Senior Valuer

Allan O’Keeffe


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Jonny Cooper

Graduate Surveyor

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Associate Director

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