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Commercial Rent Return Forms

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Commercial rent return forms are used to collect details on rental and lease arrangements of non-domestic properties. This information is used to calculate their rateable values, which are subsequently used by the government when determining levels of business rates in various areas around the country.

Form VO6003 is one such rental information form used by the Valuation Office, although various forms exist according to business type and industry. Accurately assessing the rateable value of a commercial property requires detail on rentals and leases. These include current levels of annual rent, what that amount is based upon, and the services included in the rental.

Eddisons’ dedicated team of qualified surveyors provides professional input to ensure that accurate rental information is returned on time. Our extensive specialist knowledge of the business rates system combined with detailed examination of business circumstances, means that forms are completed without undue pressure on our clients.

Businesses with multiple properties
Businesses that own or occupy 10 properties or more are able to provide all the appropriate rental details electronically via the Valuation Office Rating Contact Scheme (VORC). This saves a great deal of time in what would otherwise be a laborious process.

Eddisons Business Rates team offers assistance with the completion of these forms, making sure that nothing is omitted. We support our clients by advising on the circumstances that might impact the calculation of their property’s rateable value.

Accuracy is vital to ensure the correct valuation, and although appeals are commonly made, ongoing business rate liability can be limited by seeking our professional guidance.

Why Us?

Our qualified rating experts provide advice on all rate reliefs and rebates, utilising our extensive knowledge of the business rates system. We have an excellent track record of successfully challenging valuations for clients on a 'no win, no fee' basis.

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