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Vacant Property Compliance in Leeds

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At Eddisons, we advise commercial landlords, tenants and property managers on issues surrounding vacant commercial properties across the UK. Without adequate protection these properties can be subject to misuse and either deliberate or unintentional damage. The provision of good physical protection, alarm systems and other such security solutions can help minimise and often prevent these buildings from being damaged and/or devalued. According to insurance company Aviva, £2bn of damage is done to property in the UK through vandalism and arson, with 25 per cent of this relating to empty properties.

We also advise on compliance surrounding empty commercial buildings as it is can be a particularly grey area for landlords and property managers. For example, many are unaware of a landlord’s statutory obligations and Duty of Care that exist even when properties are empty and are shocked to hear that they could face prosecution if an intruder injures themselves on their premises. For more information and support with vacant property compliance, including advice on security, insurance and risk management – contact our dedicated Leeds team.

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