Machinery & Business Assets

Machinery & Business Assets

The Machinery & Business Assets department has been an integral part of Eddisons since the firm was founded in 1844. The department has evolved and now reflects the modern, high tech, progressive, commercial world of valuations and sales of all types of business assets.

Our director-led approach brings together a forward-thinking, dedicated team of professionals who offer integrated solutions across the complete range of property, Machinery and Business Assets sectors. Built on years of experience, we are proud of our established reputation for providing expert local knowledge on a national scale.

Our thorough understanding of valuation and sale techniques in the Machinery & Business Assets sector is unrivaled. With specialist expertise in a variety of industries and teams throughout the UK, we have the knowledge, experience and ability to undertake accurate valuations and organise successful auctions.

As you would expect from a multi-disciplinary firm of Chartered Surveyors, we provide a full range of solutions either as one off stand-alone services, or for clients with complex property, machinery and business assets requirements, in conjunction with complementary services.

We are committed to challenging the norms and providing future proof solutions for our clients that will continue to add value for years to come. Always flexible, we pride ourselves at exceeding our clients’ expectations and delivering innovative solutions to Property, Machinery and Business Assets challenges.

For information on how we can help you, please complete the form below and a member of our Machinery & Business Assets team will be in touch. We also have a dedicated section that explains how our valuations and auctions for machinery and business assets work.

What We Do

Machinery & Business Assets was the original activity undertaken by Eddisons which now reflects the modern, high tech, progressive, commercial world of valuations and sales of all types of business assets.

The term ‘Business Assets’ is an attempt by the RICS to describe all classes of assets utilised in every type of company including; manufacturing, processing, hotels, education, office, services, mobile equipment and vehicles.

This has resulted in Eddisons developing sector experiences in all manner of manufacturing and process equipment including: printing, engineering, textiles, electronics, chemicals, brewing, dairy, carpet, woodworking, food, broadcasting, plastics, vehicle fleets, packaging, fabrication and pharmaceuticals.

Within sectors our teams can provide valuations for insurance, financial statement or sales, depending upon a clients’ requirements at any time. The basis of all valuations is a detailed schedule of individual items which we have experience in compiling throughout the UK and Europe.

All forms of sales are undertaken, but the predominant method which consistently produces strong realisations on behalf of private, corporate and insolvency clients is our bespoke online auction system which we utilise for both on site sales throughout the UK, overseas and at our industrial auction centres in Leeds and Manchester.


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