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Commercial Lease Renewal

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Eddisons provide a number of services relating to commercial leases, including lease renewals for tenants. Our specialist lease advisory team represent commercial property occupiers in a wide variety of lease related matters confidently and efficiently from our regional offices across the UK.

Whether you have concerns about a potential increase in your rental charge or have issues regarding your tenancy rights and obligations that you'd like to address as part of the renewal process, speak to our dedicated team of property lease experts and chartered surveyors who are accustomed to ensuring occupiers make the most of the renewal process and emerge from it in a stronger position.

Lease Renewals for Tenants

Lease renewals provide the perfect opportunity for you to negotiate your rental payments. As with any contract end date, the most optimal time for negotiation is ahead of signing a new agreement and Eddisons often advise tenants at this stage not just in areas relating to cost but also on potential benefits and pitfalls to look out for. For example, a member of our team could help you secure a short-term rent free period or a lump sum incentive. 

Lease renewal is often a point in time that landlords will look to adjust your rent charge, we can take a look at any proposed changes and confirm whether the proposal is reasonable and just in the current market or whether there would be room for negotiation and the grounds on which to do that. It is also an opportunity to review contract clauses that no longer suit you as the tenant or make provisions within the lease that will make your future expansion, or even exit, a smoother process.

However, each lease contract can be different and it's the terms and conditions within it which govern your rights and flexibility when it comes to renewal time.

If you're looking to terminate your lease early, you will need a thorough understanding of your break clause rights which will be documented in your lease. We can help in this regard with discussions and negotiations with your landlord; something our team has vast experience in. We can identify any potential issues and highlight changes that can be made to ensure your lease is best suited for your needs and that your interests are protected.

If you would like to ask us a question relating to the renewal of your lease, please complete the form below and one of our team will contact you to discuss how we can help.

Why Us?

Our industry-leading Lease Advice team support tenants approaching key milestones in their lease by advising on fair rental values, renewal terms or the approach to terminating a lease and ensuring a compliant and cost effective exit.

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