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Specialist Insurance Services for Recruitment Industry

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Looking for specialist insurance cover for your recruitment business?

The recruitment industry is one of the fastest growing sectors - with limited barriers-to-entry and an increased demand from firms for help in sourcing the best talent. This brings with it many exciting opportunities and the potential for significant growth.

But against a backdrop of increasing cyber attacks, changing employment regulations, the gig-economy and increasingly flexible working patterns, recruitment firms need to be aware of the potential risks they face, to ensure they are actively minimising risks and potential insurance claims.

With so much sensitive client information available, would you be protected against a loss of sensitive client information? The size of your firm is no guarantee that you will be protected either, as some leading companies have already discovered (Monster, Michael Page). Can you be confident that you have the right type or level of cover?

The Eddisons Insurance Services team is trusted by all manner of recruitment firms and employment agencies across the UK, as we understand the sector and can advise against the specific potential risks faced. Our team has access to most leading insurers, including Lloyds of London, and can advise on the most suitable cover for your needs.

All manner of recruitment firms and employment agencies contact us when their general cover no longer; our dedicated team can provide tailored and cost-effective cover that meets the specific needs of the recruitment industry.

Examples of where specialist insurance can assist clients in the recruitment sector:

  • When trying to find a candidate a new job, one of your consultants accidentally forwards important documents (including a copy of their passport) to the wrong address. As a result, the candidate has their identity stolen and a number of credit applications are taken out in their name. Specialist insurance may cover the recruiter in the event that the candidate makes a claim against them for their loss.
  • A recruiter places an IT contractor on a temporary basis to develop software for a client. Within the client’s terms is a clause that states that the recruiter is liable for the worker’s actions. The worker makes a huge mistake and the hiring firm has to employ additional developers to rectify the problem – after great expense and significant loss of business. Specialist cover can protect the recruiter for the claim against the worker’s actions under the agreement.
  • A recruiter secures a temporary role for a worker at a warehouse, who require you to agree to their contract terms. This includes a clause that makes the recruiter responsible for their actions. The temporary worker carelessly drives a forklift into a colleague who makes a successful claim against the warehousing firm. The firm then seek to recover this cost and expenses from the recruiter. Specialist cover can protect from this claim.

There are many other areas where seeking advice on the right type or level of insurance cover can be useful for clients in the recruitment sector. Plus our FREE quoting and ability to work on a net basis means that clients benefit from a tailored and cost-effective professional insurance solution that is designed to suit their specific set of requirements.

So please contact us today for a FREE quote or to see how we may be able to help your recruitment business.


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Working with Eddisons Insurance Services Team

Clients benefit from our practical, hands-on approach which begins with understanding fully what your needs are before providing a clear explanation of the best insurance options available, then offering guidance on the most appropriate for your recruitment business.

Results are provided quickly, using our considerable industry knowledge and understanding of the essentials needed. We manage the risks for our clients, provide reassurance that nothing has been omitted, and are agile enough to offer alternative solutions quickly when circumstances change.

Essentially, we take away the stress of finding the best insurance cover, and replace it with trust. Contact us today for our FREE quoting service.

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