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TACHOGRAPH ANALYSIS BUSINESS for Sale. Run in Gloucestershire but could be re-located anywhere. Easily run business operated by a husband and wife team in circa 30 hours per week and showing adjusted net profits of circa £25,000 on most recent accounts. The business provides tachograph analysis to a large number of transport businesses to ensure that they have the reports required to comply with the law and which must be produced to the DVSA upon demand. Data can be downloaded remotely and then analysed or analysed from physical records. Huge potential to increase with the introduction of Google AdWords and an SEO campaign to increase the customer base - currently serving approximately 75 to 80 customers. Weekly Turnover £2,000. The predominant income of this business comes from analysis and production of reports for both analogue and digital driver card data. A SENCO analysis programme is used which can combine both methods of data collection to produce the relevant reports. Each customer has their own log in password to view the reports on the SENCO software website. In addition, the owners have recently partnered with Convey Technology for a web-based system which allows them a much wider software platform to include driver walk-around checks, licence check, fleet management, GPS tracking, and is aligned with the DVSA earned recognition scheme. The client base numbers over 75 companies, ranging from owner drivers to companies with more than 35 drivers. All customers have confidence in the quality of service given and know that TAS can be contacted at any time for information and support for any driving related problems. The second regular source of income is from the licensed software obtained from SENCO Software. Each company buys and installs this programme on their computer. This enables them to download their digital data on to the SENCO digi programme via RDL, terminal or downloading device. This raw data is then sent on to the TAS SENCO digi programme from which all reports are created. Licenses usually last for six months and are invoiced in advance. Additional income stream comes from the TAS license fee for the Convey platform. Other sources of income are from the sale of downloading tools such as RDL’s (Remote Downloading Devices), terminals, and Lisle Digi-down devices. These can vary from month to month but provide a good profit margin. All devices are bought through Lisle Design who are always available to speak to should there be any problems with any of the devices. Other products are available from other manufacturers. RDL’s use a SIM card to transmit the data to SENCO digi and the Convey server, customers using these devices pay a yearly subscription for their use. The service of Licence Check is offered by TAS and is also available directly from the Convey platform. Some of the companies are now using this service. The credits are bought in and resold at a profit. Training courses are offered to companies, who either hold them at their own premises or come to our client’s training room. They employ an outside qualified trainer on all these occasions. EPC Exempt.


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