Why buy a hotel?

For the hotel sector, 2020 has been a challenging year unlike any other. Occupancy rates have been down as hotel operators have suffered from reductions in business travel and tourism, all while having to adapt their premises to comply with social distancing requirements.

Despite the current uncertainty, the medium term outlook for the leisure sector however remains strong. All indicators suggest that upon current restrictions being relaxed, the leisure sector is likely to experience a significant upturn in activity. Hotel operators will benefit from pent-up demand for holidays and, while businesses will allow more staff to work remotely, it is likely that away-day team building and external meetings will significantly increase as office space is reduced.

The basis of growing successful hotel businesses are well established. The expansion of online booking platforms enables hotel businesses to market themselves to a mass audience with ease.  And, though the transparency of online reviews is not always positive, this allows successful businesses to effectively position themselves based on quality and price.

Holidaymakers seek new experiences and for venues off the tourist trail there are opportunities for a wide variety of niche operators. Service remains all-important as the level of repeat bookings continues to be a key driver on profitability.

We act for a wide range of hotel operators as well as banks and insolvency professionals who require a more detailed and effective marketing approach. All our hotels across the country are listed below and should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us

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