• A 2004 Timesavers Model 62 Series-1600-WWB-RT Wide Belt Stainless Steel Plate Grinding Machine S/N2255-15 designed for grinding stainless steel sheets 0.5mm-4.0mm thick, 1540mm wide and up to 4000mm long; 3 sizes of brush 1000-1200/1500mm.
  • The machine is configured with two belts and 1 brush. Belt size 2620 x1600mm; E900 Control Operation. Brush Dress Unit; Pneumatic Oscillation 400V; 3 Phase. 50Hz. L to R Operation.
  • The machine includes vacuum Plate lifter to infeed table; grinding machine; run out table with plastic Rapier Plate Laminator; Vacuum Lift Off.
  • Copy Operators Manual available upon request.
  • Please note there is an issue with this machine which means it can only be operated with one belt and brush rather than 2 belts and brush.
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