• Avalong Recycling Plant for rigid, foam and composite PVC.
  • Avalong Peanut Shell Grinding and Pulverising Plant with hot/cold mixer etc (2013)
  • Everplast Single Screw Pellet Extruder with Delta Touch Screen & Face Cutter. Cooling and dust extraction cyclones, 10x storage silos; Herschell PVC mixer dosing silos etc. Jumbo Bag Recycling Plant. Mixer control room with fully automatic and semi-automatic control systems.
  • Composite Extrusion Line 1 – including 2011 Mikrosan Type MCV94/40D Twin Screw Extruder: TheySohn KT04 Calibrator, Tractor, Run out packing and stacking.
  • 7x TheySohn Par 88 Extruders (1995) with calibrator, pulles, run out and stacking etc.
  • 3x Sheet Extrusion Lines:
  • 2004 TheySohn TTM 118-PL: Union Accumulators, laminator (15-20 microns) Film Applicator; Uzma Corona Treater Caimi Guillotine (1800x8mm) Take off table etc. Producing rigid PVC 730-1500mm width 0.8 – 3.0mm thick or foam PVC 3-20mm thick.
  • 2006 Kraus-Maffei KMD 133-26PL twin screw Extruder: KM GW 444-2400 Laminator; 4x KM HK WTD18 Temperature Controllers; Run-out table; Uzma Corona Treatment: KM-SFO-2400 Film Applicators, Edge Trimming: KM Guillotine & Pull-out Table.
  • TheySohn Twin Screw Extruder (Year/Model Unknown) with 2012 KM Embosser/Hot Laminator with MESYS of 2400/DAC 15U Automatic Gauge Control: 3x GWK/KM Temperature Controllers: 2012 Uzman UCS 1205SEG Corona Treatment: Film Applicator; Edge Trimming 2012 KM OISS-2400 Sheet Clamp & Guillotine etc. (N.B this line, excluding the extruder cost approx. €6.5m in 2012)
  • Siding Extrusion Line for 500mm width sheet inc 2001 TheySohn PAR 88 Thin Screw Extruder: 2001 TheySohn CON50 Co-Extraction Tension Rolls, Single side embossing; Calibrator vacuum, Edge notching; Puller; Ventilation Hole Punch; Cut to length saw; Yekebas shrink wrap tunnel etc.
  • Door Casing Extrusion Line-foam and rigid PVC inc. 2006KM KMD 75-26/PL twin screw extruder; Greiner Cal-Vac; Greiner CAT/PUL 30/9 run-out table etc.
  • 2012 Kaban BD2030 CNC 4 corner welder; Wegonic SD24 twin head profile saw; vacuum forming press and another press.
  • Door Assembly Line with Vacuum Lifter; Hot Glue Applicators, Press, ETA Mekatronic Press Line with vacuum take off.
  • Routing Station to remove excess trim with Kuka Robot and Weeke CNC Router.
  • 3x Manual Hydraulic Door Presses.
  • Homag/Optimat Complex Door Alignment and Finishing Line including edge banding, grinding, trimming, edge and corner smoothing etc.Homag Torwegge Lock, Latch and Hinge cutting line.
  • EPS Pattern cutting station with Kuka Robot.
  • 2002 Fom Industrie argo35 Door casing CNC router (16 patterns x multiple colours).
  • Multi-Head Door Casing Machinery line for lock, latch, channel etc.
  • Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Line inc Italian Hydraulic Press, Nordson Duradum Hot Glue Applicator; max panel size 2000 x 4000mm.
  • 4x Decorative Door Panel Presses, MAV13 clicking press; Wegoma 2 head corner welders etc.
  • Extensive range of ancillary equipment, tooling, and spares.

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