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Understanding business rates when a property is empty

Written by Craig Newton on Monday 22/05/2017

As the owner of one or more commercial properties, you’ll be aware that there are inevitably periods when your asset stands empty. Here we take a look at how business rates apply in such a situation…

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What is a Business Rates Valuation Tribunal?

Written by Craig Newton on Monday 03/10/2016

We look at the Business Rates Valuation Tribunal process and what you can do if you think you’re paying too much.

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Business rates revaluations – what does the new draft list mean for commercial property owners?

Written by Craig Newton on Tuesday 27/09/2016

From April next year, 1.8 million owners of commercial properties will start to feel the effects of new business rates revaluations.

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Understanding “Right to Rent” for landlords and tenants

Written by Craig Newton on Wednesday 21/09/2016

These rules were part of the Immigration Act 2014 which was set up to establish a ‘fairer and more effective immigration system’.

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