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Property Management

How Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes (PPMPs) can help you better manage your property

Written by Paul Gagan on Thursday 14/03/2019

Property managers, landlords and business owner-occupiers face an ongoing, and often unplanned list of maintenance of their buildings and property portfolios. Unplanned expenditure introduces addition…

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How to reduce vacant tenancy periods in commercial property

Written by Steven Jones on Monday 08/05/2017

There are many reasons that you might wish to avoid vacant tenancy periods in your commercial property – loss of rental income is probably at the top of that list. But there can be more to worry about than simply losing money. We look at some of the risks and how you can avoid them.

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What are commercial service charges and estimated costs?

Written by Paul Gagan on Friday 11/11/2016

We take a look at what commercial service charges entail, as well as how their cost can be anticipated by circumspect tenants.

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Landlords Set to Foot the Bill for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Written by David Rowling on Wednesday 14/09/2016

New laws mean that from 2018 it will be illegal for landlords to rent out residential properties that have either F or G energy efficiency ratings.

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