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Lease Advisory

The practicalities of exercising or negotiating your break clause

Written by Steven Jones on Monday 29/05/2017

Sometimes either a landlord or a commercial tenant will need to break a lease early. We take a look at negotiating a break clause and how they can be exercised to everyone’s satisfaction.

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6 things to be aware of when your commercial lease is coming to an end

Written by Steven Jones on Thursday 19/01/2017

Here at Eddisons, our team has many years’ experience of dealing with the end of commercial leases, and can offer you guidance on the best way of approaching the situation.

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Understanding commercial rent review disputes and the Calderbank Offer

Written by Steven Jones on Wednesday 13/07/2016

In the course of commercial property letting, it is sometimes inevitable that a dispute may arise regarding the rent – either from the side of the landlord or the tenant.

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Should a commercial landlord forfeit the lease when their tenant is in rent arrears?

Written by Steven Jones on Monday 11/07/2016

Being a commercial landlord undoubtedly has its benefits. However, there are times when a tenant either cannot or will not pay their rent.

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