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Building and Project Consultancy

A minute with Ian Harrington – Director at Eddisons

Written by Ian Harrington on Wednesday 15/11/2017

Ian Harrington, Director

The Building & Projects Consultancy team from leading surveying firm Eddisons will be exhibiting at The Academies Show 2017. In advance of next week’s show, Ian Harrington (National Head - Building & Project Consultancy at Eddisons) shares his experience from last year and outlines developments that academies should be aware of.

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Keep the faith – five UK chapels converted into commercial property

Written by Ian Harrington on Monday 22/05/2017

In our increasingly secular society, many historic places of worship fall victim to dereliction and decay. Some, however, lead a full and successful second life outside the sphere of religion as they …

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The EPC changes for commercial properties and what landlords need to know

Written by Ian Harrington on Monday 06/03/2017

From 1 April 2018 the regulations regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for commercial property are changing.

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How drones are used in the commercial property sector

Written by Joseph Fitzsimmons on Tuesday 31/01/2017

If you need advice on building or managing your commercial property interests, talk to a member of our team.

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