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Why business operations matter for your academy

Written by Joseph Fitzsimmons on Thursday 31/05/2018

In advance of the FREE morning seminar Eddisons will be delivering for schools looking to convert to academies, Joseph Fitzsimmons outlines how converter schools can utilise Business Operations to maximise the performance of their academy.

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What's the difference between a Chartered Surveyor and a Surveyor?

Written by Website Editor on Tuesday 15/05/2018

The term Chartered Surveyor applies to a varied profession that can generally be summed up as advising on landed property. This can include people who have specialisms in everything from valuing domestic or commercial property, advising on large scale construction projects

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What is the difference between RPI and CPI and how does this affect business rates?

Written by Website Editor on Monday 14/05/2018

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) and the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) are two different measures of inflation that are used by the government to calculate levels of savings interest, state pension and benefits rates, business rates and many other figures.

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Government funding for Education: Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

Written by Adam Finch on Thursday 12/04/2018

The Condition Improvement Fund, or CIF, is a government-backed fund intended to assist academies and sixth form colleges improve the condition, safety and thermal performance of their buildings. Appli…

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