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The dangers of leaving scaffolding and construction sites exposed

Written by Charlotte Peel on Wednesday 22/03/2017

For more information about how you can protect both your property and vulnerable members of the public, talk to a member of our team and ask about RemoteZone. Don’t leave site security to chance.

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The EPC changes for commercial properties and what landlords need to know

Written by Ian Harrington on Monday 06/03/2017

From 1 April 2018 the regulations regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for commercial property are changing.

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How and why landlords might want to move a tenant out of their property

Written by Steven Jones on Tuesday 28/02/2017

As a commercial landlord, there will inevitably come a time when you need or want to move a tenant out of your property. We look at some of the most common reasons why this situation arises and how to go about achieving it.

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How to avoid a large dilapidations bill when vacating a commercial property

Written by Ian Harrington on Wednesday 01/02/2017

One of the most contentious points of vacating a commercial property can be the dilapidations bill which the tenant faces at the end of the lease.

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