Why Sell At Auction?

Each year hundreds of people choose to dispose of their residential and commercial property and parcels of land through our Property Auctions held in Leeds, Manchester and London.  If you are considering following this tried and tested route, there are a number of advantages of selling a property by auction which include:

  • A legally binding contract of sale on the day of the auction
  • A fixed completion date usually 28 days after the auction
  • No negotiations or discussions regarding the condition of the property
  • Auctions have long been regarded as a very efficient method of disposing of surplus property

It is important, however, to note that not all property is suitable for such a method of sale and great care is taken by our Auction Department to ensure appropriate entries are placed in the catalogue.

There are many factors which combine to determine whether it is appropriate to sell by auction, which includes the minimum reserve price acceptable to the venue and the type of property, of which the following are usually successful at auction:

  • Residential or commercial investments
  • Vacant shops or houses in need of renovation
  • Commercial or residential property either in high demand areas or conversely in poor demand locations where private treaty sales could be difficult.

Auctions are not only an effective method of sale but can often produce a very good price. If you are considering the auction route, the selling price should always be a secondary factor with the actual disposal the main reason for choosing this method.

To request someone to contact you to discuss selling your property at auction, please click here to complete the free auction appraisal form or alternatively telephone 0845 505 1200.