Facilities Management

Facilities Management

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Eddisons Facilities Management Services are unrivalled in their pursuit in creating the most cost effective business support solutions for their clients. Whether these be a fully comprehensive, integrated and multi-disciplinary delivery or tailor-made, function specific solutions – the intent is always to ensure the right service, at the right price to the right specification.

Our facilities management team originate form business consultancy backgrounds, where deriving a clear understanding of clients businesses and their unique demands from the support services they use is paramount. It is from this understanding that we are able to design, procure and deliver the bespoke solutions that fit our clients’ business requirements. Since we have no commercially conflicting interest in the actual delivery of the services, we ensure that the right service, to the right standards, at the right price and from the right contractor is at hand, providing a client specific facilities management solution.


Our focus on advising on the strategy for the best solution drives the need for innovation in service delivery. Our experience tells us that simply ‘bundling up’ services, or ‘horizontal integration’ to try and achieve cost savings and efficiencies just doesn’t deliver in practice. We can explain and provide in real life examples of how our approach doesn’t just produce best value for money – but the lowest overall cost in the long term as well.


Our in-house, UK based Technology & Communications Centre uses a sophisticated asset and task management generation and tracking system based on the latest IBM and Microsoft. Net technologies. This platform enables software integration with client third party systems and is fully customisable to allow client specific requirements to be delivered.

The system design allows comprehensive reporting and auditing functionality that enables our managers – and those of our clients – to track, manage and report on all their property, facilities and business support activities. As a web based system, global access is a simple browser URL with security provided at login ensuring data confidentiality. 


Our management systems go far beyond the day to day activity of property and Facilities Management. We understand that every task and transaction within a property and a business comes with a cost and allocation requirement. Individually and collectively, these have to be accounted for, authorised, budgeted, reconciled and reported in real time, requiring an integrated financial processing system.

Workflow management is where our system has a real impact on time, efficiency and compliance. As each transaction is raised, it initiates an automated process pushing each work order to the next stage where visibility, authorisation and escalation takes place while simultaneously creating entries to the correct cost centre. By integrating both the task management and financial processing databases, by levering data field reading technologies which automatically correlates supplier invoices, and by designing bespoke authorisation and process intervention, we have removed nearly 50% of the previously required human interventions.

All this takes place seamlessly, whilst delivering an unheard of degree of visibility and transparency, meeting all regulatory requirements and establishing a new benchmark for best practice. 


Our clients are mostly blue chip, professional services organisations whose focus is developing their core business and delivering their own operational and financial results. These clients frequently have diverse property portfolios with unique (read: difficult) demands and the sort of requirements that don’t fall into the mainstream model – and to which our competitors cannot deliver to.

Geographically we have  legal entities in most European and Middle Eastern countries, enabling us to employ staff and cater to international companies with satellite offices. And most importantly – our operations are all completely transparent. The astonishing level of dynamic (realtime) reporting data our Bristol based Technology and Communication Centre delivers, enables our clients to view and interrogate their support costs at any time and from any connected location, making ‘decision making in the dark’ a thing of the past.

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